About the ASSG


About the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG)

The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) represents the profession of screen sound in film, television, multimedia and other related audio industries. It was formed in 1988 in response to a desire for more communication between practitioners of the various craft areas of screen sound.

The ASSG aims to recognise and promote original and creative work, encourage high standards and to facilitate research into the techniques and technology of screen sound production. The ASSG also acts as a forum for creative development. Members participate in discussions, forums and seminars on topics relevant to screen sound, and to the TV and film industries as a whole.

The Guild attempts to promote awareness of Australian screen sound generally, co-operating in the exchange and flow of information, technology, culture and education concerning screen sound production within and outside Australia.

Through the annual Australian Screen Sound Awards, the Guild recognises excellence and achievement within the screen sound crafts. The ASSG hopes to develop initiatives that recognise the work and value of its members and further their professional growth, and develop professional relationships with other industry bodies.