ASSG AWARDS 2018 – Feature Nominations

The Australian Screen Sound Guild is pleased to announce the Feature nominees for the 2018 ASSG Awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

NOTE: If there is a spelling mistake or a name missing from the below list please contact your Sound Supervisor and ask them to get in touch with to rectify this. Unless amended prior to NOVEMBER 1st, this will be the spelling and order of the names printed on booklets, certificates and statues (not including the position/job which will not be included in the official documents).

Best Film Sound Recording


Trevor Hope – Sound Recordist
Claire Healy – Boom Operator
Tim Ryan – ADR Mixer
Ryan Squires – Foley Recordist


Des Kenneally – Sound Recordist
Nick Steele – Boom Operator
JB Williams – Boom Operator
Tobi Armbruster – Foley Recordist
John Simpson – Sound Effects Recordist
Evan McHugh – ADR Recordist

Peter Rabbit

Ben Osmo – Production Sound Mixer
Mark Appleby – ADR & Voice Recordist
Jake Chilcott – Boom Operator (UK)
Peter Davis – Location Sound Utility (UK)
Gary Dodkin – Location Sound Recordist (UK)
Alex Francis – Foley Recordist
Michael Grisold – Foley Recordist
Sue Kerr – Boom Operator
Gary Hamdon – Boom Operator
Aaron Hasson – ADR & Voice Recordist
Howard London – ADR & Voice Recordist
Jean McGrath- ADR & Voice Recordist
Evan McHugh – Score Engineer
Craig Beckett – Score Recordist
Rose Mackenzie-Peterson – Score Recordist 

Liesl Pieterse- ADR & Voice Recordist
Brian Smith – ADR & Voice Recordist


Gretchen Thornburn – Sound Recordist
Cam Eason – Boom Operator
Helen McGrath – Boom Operator

Ryan Squires – Foley Recordist

Best Film Sound Mixing

Robert MacKenzie – Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer
Glenn Humphries – Re-Recording Mixer


Robert Sullivan – Sound Mixer

Peter Rabbit

Andy Wright – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Robert Mackenzie – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Kevin O Connell – Re-Recording Mixer
Al Clay – Score Mixer
Diego Ruiz – Re-Recording Assistant


Paul Pirola – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Pete Smith – Re-Recording Mixer

Andrew Plain Award for Best Film Sound Editing


Liam Egan – Sound Designer
Leah Katz – Dialogue Editor
Tara Webb – Sound Effects Editor
Alicia Slusarski- Sound Effects Editor
Les Fiddess – Foley Supervisor, Foley Artist & Foley Editor
Renai Buchanan – Sound Attachment

Peter Rabbit

Andy Wright – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Robert Mackenzie – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Ulrika Akander – ADR Supervisor (LA)
Mick Boraso – Effects Editor
Steve Burgess – Foley Editor
Adam Connelly – Foley Editor
Mark Franken – Supervising Dialogue and ADR Editor
Leah Katz – Dialogue & ADR Editor
Ines Richter – Assistant Sound Editor
Tim Ryan – Music Editor
Mia Stewart – Dialogue & ADR Editor
Mario Vaccaro – Foley Artist
Tara Webb – Effects Editor
Sherry Whitfield – Music Editor Consultant

The Lego Ninjago Movie

Wayne Pashley, MPSE – Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer
Fabian Sanjurjo – Supervising Sound Effects Editor
Beth Bezzina – Assistant Sound Supervisor
Sonal Joshi – Dialogue Editor
Derryn Pasquill- Dialogue Editor
Danielle Wiessner – Dialogue Editor
Rick Lisle – Sound Effects Editor
Andrew Miller – Sound Effects Editor
Mario Gabrieli – Sound Effects Editor
Terry Rodman – Sound Effects Editor
Nigel Christensen – Sound Effects Editor
F Hudson Miller – Sound Effects Editor
Linda Yeany – Assistant Sound Editor
Libby Villa – Post Production Sound Co-ordinator
John Simpson – Foley Artist
Ryan Squires – Foley Assistant
Emma Mitchell – Additional Sound Effects Editor
Jared Dwyer – Additional Sound Effects Editor
Paul Huntingford – Additional Sound Effects Editor
Ines Richter – Additional Sound Effects Editor
John Joseph Thomas – Additional Sound Effects Editor


Paul Pirola – Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Ray Beentjes – Dialogue Editor
Helen Luttrell – ADR Editor
Hayden Collow – Sound Designer
Andrew Neil – Sound Effects Editor
Frank Lipson – Sound Effects Editor
Tom Heuzenroeder – Sound Effects Editor
Adrian Medhurst – Foley Artist
Troy Mauri – Foley Editor
Niels Gabriels – Foley Editor


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