ASSG AWARDS 2019 – Non-Feature Nominations

The Australian Screen Sound Guild is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2019 ASSG Awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

NOTE: If there is a spelling mistake or a name missing from the below list please contact your Sound Supervisor and ask them to get in touch with to rectify this. Unless amended prior to OCTOBER 26th, this will be the spelling and order of the names printed on booklets, certificates and statues (not including the position/job which will not be included in the official documents).

Best Sound for a Commercial or Promo

Budget Direct – Insurance Solved

Timothy Bridge – Sound Designer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Blair Slater – Foley Supervisor and Editor
Duncan McAllister – Foley Recordist
Dan Johnston – Foley Artist
Luisa Hadley – Foley Editor
Miki Takahashi – Foley Editor

Metamucil: The Turd We Deserve

Ryan Granger – Supervising Sound Designer
Adam Hunt – Sound Designer
Talia Raso – Dialogue Editor
Alex Wakefield – Location Recordist

Running Bare ’19

Matthew Perrott – Sound Designer and Mixer
Audrey Houssard – Foley

You Foodz Meal Kit Campaign

Thom Kellar – Sound Design
Thalia Colettis – Sound Editor

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film

Bright Lights

Ramsay De Marco – Sound Design & Re-Recording Mixer
Charby Ibrahim – Additional Sound Design

Monster’s Playground

Ryan Granger – Supervising Sound Designer
Adam Hunt – Sound Designer
Talia Raso – Assistant Sound Designer
Shane Javie Kohn – Assistant Sound Designer


Sesame St-Cloud 9

Ryan Granger – Supervising Sound Designer
Adam Hunt – Sound Designer

Sohrab and Rustum

Derek Allan – FX Editor, Foley Editor  & Re-Recording Mixer
Shauna Doyle – FX Editor & Foley Editor

Best Sound for a Live-Action Short Film

Girl and Body

Brooke Trezise – Sound Designer
Andy Wright – Re-recording Mixer
Eren Sener – Location Sound Recordist
Sam Whittaker – Boom Operator
Will Carroll – ADR Recordist
Natalie Choo – Foley Artist
Megan Howieson – Foley Recordist

Here There Be Monsters

Pete Christie -Sound Designer
Erin McKimm – Sound Designer
Andrew McGrath – Re-recording Mixer
Ash Eden – Sound Recordist
Jennifer Leonforte – Sound Recordist
Julian D’Arcy – Sound Recordist

Inside Water

Adam Alexander – Sound Designer
Andy Wright – Re-recording Mixer
Piotr Wasilewski – Location Sound Recordist


Daniel Borodin – Sound Recordist
Lachlan Harris – Sound Designer
Thom Kellar – Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Designer
Jenn Leonforte – Sound & Dialogue Editor

The Rolling Ground

Alex Francis – Mixer
Adam Connelly – Sound Designer & Foley Artist
Luke Foster – Sound Recordist
Márton Ábrahám Pór – ADR Recordist & ADR Editor
Andrew Simmons – Foley Recordist

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Factual Entertainment 

Ambulance Australia, Series 2, Episode 3

Cate Cahill – Sound Mixer

Don’t Stop the Music, Episode 3

Ric Curtin ASSG – Sound Designer & Mixer
Glenn Martin – Location Recordists
Ben Ohayon – Location Recordists
Ash Charlton – Location Recordists
Gavin Fernie – Engineer ABC Classic FM

Filthy Rich and Homeless, Series 2, Episode 2

Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Ian McLaughlin – Re-recording Mixer
Cihan Saral – Dialogue Editor
Candace Wise – Sound Coordinator
Dylan Barfield – Dialogue & FX Editor
Tania Vlassova – FX Editor
Eren Sener – Sound Recordist
Nick Emond ASSG – Sound Recordist
Sam Davis – Sound Recordist
Matt Vaughan – Sound Recordist
Jarad Avnell – Sound Recordist
Tony Clunes – Sound Recordist

Monster Croc Wrangler Season 4, Episode 8

Matthew Perrott – Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer
Audrey Houssard – Sound Editor
Jules Wucherer – Sound Editor
Beth Bezzina – Dialogue Editor
Dave Sims – Sound Recordist

Best Sound for a Drama or Comedy (Under 30 minutes) 

Diary of an Uber Driver, Episode 1

Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Luke Mynott – Sound Designer
Michael Newton – Re-Recording Mixer
Tom Herdman – Dialogue Editor
Julian Wessels – FX Editor
Nick Emond – Location Sound
Gerry Nucifora – Location Sound
Tania Vlassova – Assistant Sound Supervisor

KGB, Season 1, Episode 2

Gavin Repton – Location Sound Recordist
Nick Gallagher – Re-recording Mixer
Lucy Messenger – Sound Designer & Foley
Mike Fragomeni – Foley & ADR
James Yeremeyev – Boom Operator

Mr Black, Season 1, Episode 1

Neil McIntosh – Sound Mixer
Terry Chadwick – Sound Recordist
Paul Huntingford – Foley Recordist
Helen Brown – Foley Artist

Over And Out, Episodes 3 & 4

Emma Bortignon ASSG – Sound Designer
Brendan Croxon – Re-Recording Mixer
Nathan Codner  – Sound Recordist
Gareth Evans – Boom Operator

Best Sound for a Drama or Comedy (Over 30 minutes) 

Bloom, Episode 1

Rob Sullivan – Re-recording Mixer
Luke Mynott – Sound Designer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Liam Price – FX Editor
Chapman Chan – Dialogue and ADR Editor
Cihan Saral – Dialogue and ADR Recordist and Editor
Andrew McGrath – ADR Recordist
John Simpson – Foley Artist
Lisa Simpson – Foley Recordist
Tania Vlassova – Sound Assistant
Dean Ryan – Sound Recordist
Rob Hornbuckle -Sound Recordist 

Tidelands, Episode 1

Luke Mynott – Sound Designer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Michael Newton – Re-Recording Mixer
Cihan Saral – Dialogue Editor
Chapman Chan – Dialogue Editor
Liam Price – Sound Effects Editor
Julian Wessels – Sound Effects Editor
Weronika Razna – Sound Effects Editor
Paul Brincat – Location Recordist
Ruth Vance – Boom Operator
Joshua O’Donnell – Boom Operator
Joel Hodgkinson – Second Unit Boom Operator
Dane Cody – Second Unit Sound Recordist
Seth Jackson – Second Unit Boom Operator
Tania Vlassova – Sound Assistant
Jenn Leonforte – Sound Assistant
Marisa Marsionis – Sound Assistant
Duncan McAllister – Foley Recordist
Dan Johnston – Foley Artist
Blair Slater – Foley Supervisor

Harrow, Season 2, Episode 9

Liam Price – Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Effects Editor & ADR Recordist
Michael Newton – Re-Recording Mixer
Luke Mynott – Supervising Sound Editor
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Dane Cody – Production Sound Mixer
Gunay Demirci – 1st Assistant Sound
Kara Moolman – 2nd Assistant Sound
Michael McEvoy – 3rd Assistant Sound
Tom Herdman – Dialogue Editor
Alex Birch – Atmos Editor
Jennifer Leonforte – Assistant Sound Editor
Cihan Saral – ADR Recordist
Julian Wessels – ADR Recordist
Joel Hodgkinson – Additional Boom Operator
Andrew Simmons – Foley
Adam Connelly – Foley

Lambs Of God, Episode 1

Stephen R Smith – Sound Supervisor & Sound Mixer
Paul Devescovi -Sound Effects Editor
Mia Stewart – Dialogue Editor  
James Bagley – ADR Recordist
Neil McIntosh – ADR Recordist
Helen Brown – Foley Artist
Paul Huntingford – Foley Recordist
Sue Scott – Facilities Manager
Nick Emond ASSG – Sound Recordist
Gerry Nucifora – Boom Operator
Emma Barham – Boom Operator

Secret City, Season 2, Episode 1

Dino Giacomin – Sound Supervisor
Ian Neilson – Sound Supervisor & FX Editor
James Andrews – Dialogue Editor & ADR Recordist
Justin Lloyd – Dialogue Editor
Robert Sullivan – Sound Mixer
Grant Shepherd – Sound Recordist
Todd Moore – Boom Operator
Nathan Badder – Boom Operator
Nigel Croydon – Foley Recording
Stefan Kluka – Foley Artist
Leah Humphrey – Studio Coordinator

Best Sound for Interactive Media


Thom Kellar – Sound Designer
Thalia Colettis – Sound Designer


Luke Mynott – Sound Supervisor
Julian Wessels – Sound Designer & Programmer
Thomas Wing-Evans – Creative Artist


Luke Mynott – Sound Supervisor
Julian Wessels – Sound Designer
Jonathon Jones – Creative Artist

Melbourne DNA : Disruption

Ryan Granger – Supervising Sound Designer
Talia Raso – Sound Designer
Adam Hunt – Ambisonic Recording
Sean O’Connell – Unity Developer & Audio Implementation

Best Sound for a Documentary


Luke Mynott -Sound Designer & Additional Mixing
Weronika Razna – Sound Designer & Additional Mixing
Wes Chew – Re- Recording Mixer
Liam Price – FX Editor
Julian Wessels – FX Editor
Tom Herdman – Dialogue Editor

Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Robert Mackenzie – Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Designer
Simon Rosenberg – Dialogue Editor
Mick Boraso – Sound Designer
Lynn-Maree Milburn – Additional Sound Designer

The Final Quarter

Wes Chew – Sound Designer & Sound Supervisor
Luke Mynott – Sound Supervisor
Weronika Razna – Dialogue Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Tania Vlassova – Sound Editor
Cihan Saral – Sound Editor

The Leunig Fragments

Emma Bortignon ASSG- Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor & Music Editor
Simon Walbrook – Dialogue Editor
Simon Rosenberg – Re-Recording Mixer
Adrian Medhurst – Foley Walker
Ryan Squires  – Foley Recordist
Pip Atherstone-Reid – ADR Recordist
Adrian Bortignon – Vinyl Music Recordings
Kasimir Burgess – Location Sound Recordist 

Best Sound for a Children’s Programme

Beat Bugs, Season 3, Episode 7: Let It Be

Sam Hayward – Sound Supervisor
Wes Swales – Dialogue Mixer
Thom Kellar – Re-Recording Mixer
Sam Gain-Emery – Re-Recording Mixer
Andrew Miller – Sound Designer
Jared Dwyer – Sound Designer
Alex Birch – Assistant Sound Editor
Blair Slater – Foley Supervisor
Andrew Simmons – Foley Artist
Miki Takahashi – Foley Artist
Thalia Colettis – Sound Editor
Duncan McAllister – Foley Artist
Luisa Hadley – Foley Artist
Dan Johnston – Foley Artist
Daniel Denholm – Music Producer and Engineer
Jason Fernandez – Music Editor
Brent Clark – Music Mixer
Sean Carey – Supervising Music Editor
Robert Mothersbaugh – Score Mix Engineer

Bluey, Episode 29: The Creek

Dan Brumm – Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer & Mixer

Kiddets, Season 1, Episode 11: Peace and Quiet

Damian Del Borrello – Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer
Toby Lloyd – Dialogue Recordist
Simon Riley – Foley Recordist
James Carroll – Foley Artist
Louis Littlejohn – Assistant Sound Editor

The InBestigators, Season 1, Episode 8: The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day

Scott Findlay – Sound Designer
Justin Lloyd – Dialogue Editor
Lynne Butler – Sound Effects Editor
Gerry Long – Foley Artist
Scott Heming – Foley Recordist
Manel Lopez – Sound Recordist
Terry Shepherd – Boom Operator
Sophie Norfolk – Boom Operator


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