ASSG Awards Categories

ASSG Awards Categories

NOTE: All categories require that entries have been commercially released prior to the close of judging for the ASSG Awards in any given year. Please read the Guidelines carefully.

Commercial or Promo:

This must be less than 90 seconds in length with an aim at advertising a product, service or program. It must have been televised or streamed online (on a company website, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

Live-Action Short Film:

A film in this category must be work of fiction that is under 25 minutes in length. It cannot be an animated project.

Examples include: “All These Creatures”, “Bottle Rocket” & “Doodlebug”


An animated work of fiction or non-fiction including short film, feature and series. It must be completely or mostly animated in nature.

Examples include: “Lost and Found”, “Flopsy Turvy” & “Paperman”, “Peppa Pig”, “Beat Bugs”

Feature Film: 

A film qualifies as a feature film for the ASSG Awards if it is at least 70 minutes in length and is a work of Fiction.

Independent Feature Film: 

An independent film is a feature film with an overall budget that is 2 million AUD and below.


A project is considered a documentary (for the purpose of the ASSG Awards judging) if it is a work of non-fiction that focusses on a specific subject or theme. It can be of any length and can include an episode of a series. The aims of the programme must be to educate or instruct the audience or preserve facts/ideas for the historical record.

Examples include: “13th”, “The War”,  “Making a Murderer”, “The Up Series” &  “Planet Earth”

Lifestyle, Reality or Factual Entertainment: 

To qualify in this category, a project must be a work on non-fiction which focusses more on entertainment than a comprehensive analysis or exploration. It can include an element of competition.

Examples include: “The Block”, “My Kitchen Rules”, “Grand Designs Australia”, “24 Hours in Emergency”, “Food Safari” & “Go Back to Where You Came From”

Drama or Comedy Series:

A work of scripted fiction. It may be an episode of a series/mini-series/web-series.

Examples include: “Mr. Inbetween”, “A Place to Call Home”, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” & “Wentworth”