ASSG Awards Entry Guidelines

  1. All entries for the ASSG Awards must be submitted via our online entry form. Please note we will no longer accept entries that are not made through our online entry system.
  2. The person submitting the entry must be a financial member of the ASSG.
  3. The person submitting the entry will be responsible for all information submitted and alterations to the original entry will only be accepted at the discretion of the ASSG Awards Sub-Committee.
  4. The ASSG will only accept one (1) entry form per programme, so please consult with your Sound Supervisor, or equivalent colleague, to ensure you haven’t forgotten any names before submitting an entry.  It is important that all names are included on the entry form. Please don’t submit an entry if you are not able to submit all the relevant names accurately.
  5. The ASSG will use the spelling of names as listed on the entry form for any press releases, nomination certificates, trophies or any other correspondence related to the ASSG Awards.
  6. The ASSG takes no responsibility for any errors in the spelling of names submitted through the online entry form. Please ensure that all names on the entry are spelt correctly.
  7. All entrants must complete the section in the entry form where it asks for the reasons why your entry should be considered in its category. This will assist the judges during the judging process.
  8. If there are fewer than four (4) entries in any category no nominees or winners will be awarded in that category.
  9. The ASSG reserves the right to change the category a project is entered into if it is deemed necessary.
  10. The ASSG reserves the right to reject any entries which don’t meet our eligibility criteria without further consultation.
  11. All data submitted to the ASSG via the ASSG Awards online entry form may be retained by the ASSG for future reference, excluding any commercial use.
  12. Entry submissions received after the closing date will not be accepted.

Feature Film Entries

  1. All feature film entries must have been commercially released prior to the ASSG Awards ceremony in any given year.
  2. Any feature film, which has not been released before the conclusion of the judging process for this year’s awards, will be deemed ineligible.
  3. All feature film entrants must ensure the ASSG can access a DCP and a valid KDM during the judging process. This will include at least one (1) screening but could include up to three (3) screenings. The ASSG will screen these DCP’s to ASSG members who participate in the ASSG Awards judging process. Please ensure this is possible with your Producer (or any other authorised person) before you submit your entry, to avoid your entry being declared ineligible.
  4. Please note, feature film entries will only be accepted on DCP.  No film prints or other media will be accepted.
  5. After the close of online entries, the ASSG will contact the entrant (or their nominated agent) of the feature film entered, to organise access to a DCP of the programme. The ASSG takes all care but assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to DCP.

Non-feature Entries

  1. All non-feature programmes entered must have been completed since June the previous year and broadcast prior to the awards ceremony in any given year.
  2. All non-feature film entries must provide three (3) DVD’s of each programme entered.
  3. All non-feature DVD submissions must be received by the date specified by the ASSG in any given year.
  4. The ASSG reserves the right to distribute the entered DVD’s to the Award judges as appropriate in order to facilitate judging for the ASSG awards.
  5. Only the submitted DVD’s will be distributed to judges, no copies will be made.
  6. All submitted DVD’s will remain the property of the ASSG unless an addressed, postage paid, return envelope is submitted with the DVD entries. The ASSG will endeavour to return entries within eight (8) weeks of the conclusion of the awards ceremony.

Tele-feature & Tv Drama Entries

  1. If you are submitting an entry in the Best Sound for a Tele-Feature or Best Sound for a Television Drama categories, please make sure you submit one episode only, if applicable. Multiple episodes will not be accepted.

Documentary Entries

  1. If you are entering a documentary, then you must nominate a section of the programme, up to 15 minutes, which the judging panel should pay special attention to during the judging process.

Short Film Entries

  1. In the Short film category all entries must have been screened commercially (theatrical or TV) or screened at a film festival to be eligible.

Interactive Media

  1. Award is open to all non-linear projects, videos or games that include some element of audio interactive computer entertainment

The various platforms include:

  • Web sites with interactive audio content(e.g.Children’s educational flash site).
  • Web media such as promotional material (includes some level of interactivity,not just linking to external websites).
  • Episodic web media (Webisodes only,not direct upload of a TV broadcast).
  • Mobile games or apps (iOS or Android).
  • Handheld games (PSP, PSVita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS.
  • Console games (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU).
  • PC/MAC games.

Do not enter multiple formats for the one project.

All entries must be submitted as videos on playable DVD. This is for judging purposes only as judges may not have access to the appropriate device to play the entry.

Please capture a section of the project, no longer than 25 minutes, that best demonstrates the sound of the project.

Multiple videos of different game levels are acceptable but please limit these to 25 minutes in total.

Please include all videos for the one entry on ONE playable DVD (e.g.You might enter 5 x 5minute videos of different levels of the one game, and create 5 different chapters on the DVD menu).

Please provide copies or links to a copy of the work in the original format.

In the case of games, a boxed version is required, if possible.

For any queries regarding these guidelines please contact us at