ASSG Draft Constitution – 2022


View the draft here:

This Draft Constitution will be considered at the AGM on Wed 14 Dec 2022.


In September, the NSW legislation and model constitution for associations were updated. The changes improved a number of processes with the aim of making business easier to conduct electronically, and making the document much easier to read and understand. We need to ensure we are compliant with aspects of the legislation that have changed, but rather than make multiple alterations to our existing constitution, we propose adopting the new model constitution along with those additional rules that are specific to the ASSG. In adding in this ASSG specific detail (categories of members, accreditation, etc.), we have aimed to also improve the clarity of those clauses (clauses 4 to 6 in the new version).

With this, we have also taken the opportunity to make some additional changes.

We have added the category of “lifetime” member, to address an anomaly that might have prevented some of our experienced members from voting or serving on committees.

We have removed proxy voting, because:

  • it was primarily added 6 years ago to allow for some kind of electronic meeting attendance, which is now much clearer in the new version
  • it is complicated and administratively burdensome
  • nobody has ever used it

With an eye to succession planning and greater continuity for the committee in future years, we have added a new committee position with the title “past president” (a position which exists in many similar organisations). The intention is to help a new president or committee benefit from the experience of the previous one.

As well, we have made the process of nomination for the committee a little easier, by only requiring one member to nominate a candidate.

We invite members to look over the draft before the AGM, and to compare it our existing constitution, available here on the website. Please provide comments before the meeting — or better yet, come along to the AGM and have your say.


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