EdiCue v3.2


Our sponsor Sounds In Sync has released an update for its ADR cueing app EdiCue.

This version contains two new windows, the Export Movies window and the Export WAV Files window. The Export Movies window integrates with Todd-AO’s Actors Mobile ADR to streamline the preparation of cues for recording on an iPhone or iPad.

For more information see the following demo video or the Sounds In Sync blog post.

What is EdiCue?

EdiCue is an application that allows sound editors and supervisors to create ADR cues and department notes within Pro Tools. These cues and notes are generally created after a spotting session and ideally before anyone starts working on the sound for the project – including the scheduling of actors for record.

Once all cues and notes have been created, EdiCue exports a range of files including ADR scripts and files to aid with the recording process. These files can be loaded into the Sounds In Sync partner app EdiPrompt while actors are recorded. EdiPrompt displays the cues on-screen and helps automate the recoding process when using Pro Tools.

You can learn more about EdiCue here.


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