Sounds In Sync release EdiLoad v3.4


Our sponsor Sounds In Sync has released an update for their Pro Tools conform and re-conform application EdiLoad. This update includes support for high frame rate edit lists used in UHD workflows, the option to compare audio tracks while updating sessions for picture changes, a new WAV File list window to export WAV files in a session spotted to their timestamps, and a new Create Scene Change Track window to create a Pro Tools track showing where scenes start and end.

Here’s a video highlighting these updates:

For a detailed look at how to use the new Create Scene Change Track window, see this video:

Existing EdiLoad v3 users can go to the Sounds In Sync Downloads page to get this free update. If you haven’t tried EdiLoad before you can download the same installer and click the Try button when you first run the app.

What Is EdiLoad?

EdiLoad is a Mac/Win application that allows sound editors and mixers to perform a variety of time-saving tasks. From re-conforming (re-cutting) a Pro Tools session following picture changes, to conforming (assembling) location WAV files in Pro Tools, EdiLoad is designed to streamline the workflow of any film or television sound post production.

At its heart, EdiLoad manipulates edit lists through its filter, batch modify, and cleaning controls. With its ability to import and export Pro Tools sessions, new workflows can be created to automate repetitive tasks, or enable new processes on custom productions.

You can learn more about EdiLoad here.



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