Sounds In Sync show how you can reversion a project with EdiLoad and Pro Tools


Our sponsor Sounds In Sync has created a new video showing how to reversion or recut the finished mixes of 12 TV episodes to create the soundtrack for a feature-length version of a production in Pro Tools with EdiLoad

Over the years Mark from Sounds In Sync has had several clients ask for help with jobs where they’ve wanted to use EdiLoad to re-cut a finished mix to create a new delivery version of a TV show or film. We call this process “reversioning”. This task can be performed in a number of ways, depending on how the picture editor creates the new delivery version.

To help, Mark has created the demo video below, which shows how the completed mixes of 12 TV episodes can be recut to create the soundtrack of a feature film length version. The video not only shows how you re-cut your Pro Tools session with EdiLoad, but what you need to supply your picture editor in order to perform this task in the most efficient manner.

This reversioning process is in some ways a combination of two processes that EdiLoad can perform:

  • Conforming (assembling) location WAV files to match the audio edits in an AAF. This uses a single audio EDL.
  • Re-conforming a Pro Tools sessions to match an updated picture. This uses two video EDLs which EdiLoad compares.

The reversioning process that is shown in the video uses a single audio EDL, but here individual tracks of the EDL are selected and used to re-conform a Pro Tools session. This is achieved with EdiLoad’s unique ability to show events for a particular EDL track and allows sound editors to replicate the audio edits made by a picture editor when they have used individual stems to create the sound edit of the new delivery version.

What Is EdiLoad?

EdiLoad is a Mac/Win application that allows sound editors and mixers to perform a variety of time-saving tasks. From re-conforming (re-cutting) a Pro Tools session following picture changes, to conforming (assembling) location WAV files in Pro Tools, EdiLoad is designed to streamline the workflow of any film or television sound post production.

At its heart, EdiLoad manipulates edit lists through its filter, batch modify, and cleaning controls. With its ability to import and export Pro Tools sessions, new workflows can be created to automate repetitive tasks, or enable new processes on custom productions.

You can learn more about EdiLoad here.


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