ASSG 2015 Award winners

The ASSG Congratulates the Award Winners for 2015!

The 19th Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards were held on Sunday 22nd November at The Establishment Hotel Ballroom in George Street, Sydney.

Thank you to all the members and friends who attended – it turned out to be a fantastic event. We would especially like to thank those ASSG members who travelled from WA, SA and Victoria.

The Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to James Currie. ASSG president Doron Kippen presented the award to James, praising his work which has spanned 38 years, taking his craft from the field all the way through to the mixing stage. James is known for his work with Paul Cox and Rolf de Heer, on such films as Man of Flowers, Incident at Raven’s Gate and Bad Boy Bubby. James received a standing ovation from the entire room.

The Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award was given to Alex Gastrell, a recent North Sydney TAFE Graduate graduate.

The executive committee of the ASSG proudly congratulates the following winners in our nineteenth award year;


The Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award
Alex Gastrell
Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo

Black Rice

Lachlan Harris

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film
The Orchestra 

Markus Kellow

Jamie Messenger

Doron Kipen

William Gardener

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film

Ric Curtin

Glenn Martin

Andrew Parnell
Best Sound for Interactive Media

Circuits Sequential

Peret Von Sturmer
Ben Batt

Danielle Weissner
Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television

Shane Delia’s Spice Journey

Gary Lacroix

Paul Walker

Damian Jory

Blake Guy

Liesl Pieterse

Tied with

Tony Robinson’s Time Travels – Rebels With A Cause

Tristan Meredith

Best Sound for a Tele-Feature

Deadline Gallipoli – Episode 2: Truth & Lies

Robert Mackenzie

Liam Price

Jed Dodge

Justine Angus

Tara Webb

John Simpson

Lisa Simpson

David Hughes

Des Keneally

Josh Williams

Travis Williamson

Best Sound for a Televison Drama Series

The Principal

Robert Sullivan

Ian Neilson

Ben Anderson

Grant Shepherd

Todd Kirkness

Todd Moore

Best Sound for a Documentary
Only The Dead

Steve Burgess

Leah Katz

Andy Wright

Chris Goodes

Diego Ruiz

Andrew Plain Award for Best Sound Design
The Water Diviner

Wayne Pashley

Libby Villa

Derryn Pasquill

Sonal Joshi

Emma Mitchell

Fabian Sanjurjo

Rick Lisle

Andrew Miller

Mario Gabrielli

Beth Bezzina

John Simpson

Ryan Squires

Lisa Simpson

Tony Wall

Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award

James Currie

Member’s Choice for Best Feature Soundtrack
The Water Diviner

Best Film Sound Recording

The Dressmaker

Andrew Ramage

Dan Giles

Paradox Delilah

Best Film Sound Mixing
The Dressmaker

Chris Goodes
Feature Film Soundtrack of the Year

The Water Diviner