ASSG Awards 2017 – Nominations

The Australian Screen Sound Guild is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2017 ASSG Awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

NOTE: If there is a spelling mistake or a name missing from the below list please contact your Sound Supervisor and ask them to get in touch with to rectify this. Unless amended prior to NOVEMBER 1st, this will be the spelling and order of the names printed on booklets, certificates and statues.


Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo

AFL Finals Rituals
Mark Farrow
AFL Finals TVC

Mark Farrow

Optus-Endless Entertainment

Ryan Granger & Adam Hunt

Samsung – Make Your Mark

Timothy Bridge

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film

Lost Property Office

Chris Goodes, Mario Vaccaro, Michael Grisold & Lee Yee


Ryan Granger & Adam Hunt

The Master

Wayne Pashley, Rick Lisle, Fabian Sanjurjo, Mario Gabrieli, Andrew Miller, Beth Bezzina, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Terry Rodman & Christopher S. Aud

Transformers: Rescue Bots

Dale Warren & Julian Ellingworth

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film


Ryan Granger, Adam Hunt, Sam O’Reilly & Jake Archer

Iron Spyder

Wayne Pashley, Andrew Miller, Emma Mitchell, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson & Greg Fitzgerald

Man in the Moon

Brendan Croxon & Doron Kipen


Andrew Graue, Pete Best, Sam Rogers & Des Kenneally

The Ravens

Ben Osmo, Sue Kerr, Phil Keros, Brooke Trezise, Andy Wright, Mario Vaccaro & Alex Francis

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television

Air Rescue – Season 4, Episode 4
Wes Chew, Dylan Barfield, Cihan Saral, Julian Wessels, Dave Sims & Dave Tottle
Body Hack – Hadza

Richard Boxhall, Ryan Burrows & Damian Jory

Life On The Line – Series 1, Episode 1: Heat Transfer

Liam Price, Neil McIntosh & Richard Boxhall

Miracle Hospital – Episode 2

Matthew Perrott & Audrey Houssard

Best Sound for a Television Drama Series – Under 30 Minutes

Beat Bugs, Episodes: “Across the Universe” & “I’ll Follow the Sun”

Sam Hayward, Jared Dwyer, Blair Slater, Sam Gain-Emery, Nigel Christensen, Emma Mitchell, Alex Birch, Michael Newton, Reid Henry, Wes Swales, William Ward, Dan Johnston, Andrew Simmons, Duncan McAllister & Luisa Hadley

Oh Yuck! – Episode 17: Antpocalypse Now!

Alex Francis, Diego Ruiz, Leah Brown, Adam Connelly, Nathan White & Mario Vaccaro

Ronny Chieng International Student, Series 1: Episode 1

Greg Burgmann, Gunay Demirci, Justin Lloyd, Todd Shattock, Cliff Sanderson, Stefan Kluka, Ian Macwilliams & Nigel Croydon


Ryan Granger, Adam Hunt & Jamie Messenger

Best Sound for a Television Drama Series – Over 30 Minutes

 Brock – Part 1

Dino Giacomin, Rick Lisle, Ian Neilson, Ben Anderson, Robert Sullivan, Stuart Waller, Jack Friedman, Mark Palmer, Nigel Croydon, Stefan Kluka & Jess Moffatt

Deep Water – Episode 4

Luke Mynott, Tom Herdman, Wesley Chew, Mick Boraso, Blair Slater, Dan Johnston, Duncan McAllister, Luisa Hadley, Andrew Simmons, Nick Emond, Sue Kerr & Nathan Badder

Hyde & Seek – Season 1, Episode 4

Nigel Christensen, Ian Neilson, James Andrews, Joel McLean, Chris Alderton, Martin Pashley, Piore Wasliewski, Nigel Croydon, Stefan Kluka, Jess Moffatt, Mark Franken, Sonal Joshi & Mia Stewart

Wentworth – Season 5, Episode 5: The Belly of the Beast

Ralph Ortner, James Harvey, David Williams, Liesl Pieterse, Mario Vaccaro, Alex Francis & Ann Aucote

Best Sound for Interactive Media

Barangaroo Ngangamay

Liam Egan, Dan Miau & Nick Emond

Batmersive VR Experience 

Wayne Pashley, Rick Lisle, Fabian Sanjurjo, Jared Dwyer, Beth Bezzina, John Simpson & Lisa Simpson

Hollow Knight

Christopher Larkin & William Pellen

Krispy Kreme – Journey To Glazetopia

Timothy Bridge

Once Upon A Time In The Western Suburbs

Liam Egan

Best Sound for a Documentary


David White, Cate Cahill & Mario Vaccaro


David White, Robert Mackenzie & Blair Slater

The Opposition

Lachlan Harris, Thom Kellar & Tapio Liukkonen

The Search For Life In Space

Chris Goodes, Glenn Newnham, Mario Vaccaro & Alex Francis

WESTWIND: Djalu’s Legacy

Tommy Spender, Paul Daly, Erin McKimm, Justin Lloyd, Frank Lipson, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Andrew McGrath, Andrew Grimes & Arian Pearson


Best Film Sound Recording
Berlin Syndrome

Dane Cody, Auryn Lacy, Steffan Graubaum, Felix Kaufmann & Tom Herdman

Dance Academy

Jonathan Walter Reyes, Mark J Wasiutak, Gary Parker, Tim Lloyd & Fabrice Galli

Hacksaw Ridge

Peter Grace, Shanti Burn, Andy Duncan, Sue Kerr, Martin Pashley & Ben Yeadon


Andrew Ramage, Ashraf Khan, Chris O’Shea & Nakul Kamte

Best Film Sound Mixing
Berlin Syndrome

Phil Heywood


Phil Judd

Hacksaw Ridge

Robert Mackenzie, Andy Wright & Kevin O’Connell


Robert Mackenzie and Steve Burgess

The Lego Batman Movie

Michael Semanick, Gregg Landaker, Tim LeBlanc & Wayne Pashley

Andrew Plain Award for Best Film Sound Design

Phil Judd, Endri Pine, Moris Rama, Fulvio Vassari, Les Fiddess & Tobi Armbruster

Hacksaw Ridge

Robert Mackenzie, Andy Wright, Mario Vaccaro, Tara Webb, Justine Angus, Steve Burgess, Jed Dodge, Alex Francis, Peter Gleaves, Kimberly Harris, Howard London, Tania Payne, Michele Perrone, Harry Playford, Liam Price, Diego Ruiz & Brian Smith


Robert Mackenzie, Glenn Newnham, James Ashton, Steve Burgess, Mario Vaccaro, Adam Connelly, Alex Francis, Chris Goodes, Liesl Pieterse, Diego Ruiz, David Williams & Tim Ryan

The Lego Batman Movie

Wayne Pashley, Rick Lisle, Fabian Sanjurjo, Sonal Joshi, Derryn Pasquill, Andrew Miller, Mario Gabrieli, Jared Dwyer, Emma Mitchell, Nigel Christensen, Beth Bezzina, Terry Rodman, Christopher S. Aud, Linda Yeaney, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Will Kaplan & Tim Ryan


The following films are in the running for Member’s Choice and Soundtrack of the Year
Berlin Syndrome
Dance Academy
Hacksaw Ridge
Jasper Jones
The Lego Batman Movie


The ASSG Committee would also like to thank all those who judged this year. Without you these awards would not happen!!


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