DPA Microphone Workshop, QnA and Prizes!


What: DPA demonstration of bodyworn and headset microphones, with tips, techniques, and speech intelligibility.

When: July 6th 6:30pm AEST

Where: Online, Zoom workshop

DPA’s Global Sales Support Manager Bo Brinck will run through this Microphones Placement and Speech Intelligibility Workshop. Discussion will include:

  • Focus on the voice and speech intelligibility
  • Radiation pattern of the voice
  • Microphone placement around the voice
  • Types of microphones in relation to intelligibility / Directionality
  • Frequency response / transient response
  • Threshold of hearing
  • Tips and tricks on placement of lavalier microphones on the body and hidden in the hair


The session will be online via Zoom. Registration is FREE and open to ASSG members and non members. Prizes and discounts are available only to ASSG members. You can renew your membership or apply here


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