Sound recordist James Currie ‘stunned’ to win Australian Screen Sound Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award


The achievements of South Australian sound recordist James Currie, who worked on Red Dog and Ten Canoes, have been recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Screen Sound Guild.

PHOTO Australian movie Red Dog was a hit at the cinema.

At a ceremony in Sydney on Sunday, Currie was recognised by his peers for his work, which includes almost 100 Australian films and TV projects, spanning 37 years.

Currie, who was raised in Whyalla, has worked on a number of key Australian films including Breaker Morant, Robbery Under Arms and Bad Boy Bubby.

He said he was shocked to win the award after focussing on experimental cinema for much of his career.

“Ah stunned! I’m not mainstream; I occasionally dabble in the mainstream, but my main life has been with the underground, alternative cinema and those auteurs, so it was a big surprise,” Currie said.


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