About the accreditation

The Australian Screen Sound Guild Accreditation is a prestigious recognition and is not conferred lightly; it is a testament to an individual’s exceptional contributions to the world of screen sound. An ASSG Accreditation holds a high and enduring value – signifying dedication to the craft and a body of work that stands as a testament to excellence, one that has influenced the industry positively over the years.

This accreditation acknowledges not only the quality of your craft but also your commitment to sharing your knowledge with those eager to learn. It honours those who have actively championed the values of good practices, contributing to the industry’s growth and success.

The accreditation sub-committee meets annually to assess applications, with announcements made at the ASSG Awards.

To be eligible, applicants must meet be a full member for a least five consecutive years, have a history of senior professional-level work, and contributions to the screen sound industry through leadership and craft promotion.

ASSG Accreditation is an esteemed recognition that celebrates excellence and dedication in the world of sound and motion pictures. Financial Accredited members may use the initials ASSG in their credits.

Our accredited members

Xoe Baird (2022)

Annie Breslin (2022)

Dane Cody (2022)

Owen Hughes (2022)

Kim Lord (2022)

Danielle Wiessner (2022)

Ash Charlton (2021)

Dean Ryan (2021)

Angus Robertson (2020)

Stephen Smith (2020)

Matthew Perrott (2020)

Justine Angus (2020)

Glenn Humphries (2020)

Julian Ellingworth (2020)

Phil Judd (2020)

Craig Walmsley (2020)

Eren ‘Pinky’ Sener (2019)

Cate Cahill (2019)

Gavin Marsh (2019)

Phillip Keros (2019)

Trevor Hope (2019)

Keith Thomas (2019)

Emma Bortignon (2018)

Nigel Christensen  (2018)

James Currie  (2018)

Steve McDonald  (2018)

Rhette Montague-Dufty  (2018)

Yulia Akerholt (2017)

Pete Best (2017)

Ric Curtin (2017)

Nick Emond (2017)

Steve Foy (2017)

Doron Kipen (2017)

Mark van Kool (2017)

Tony Murtagh (2017)

Ben Osmo (2017)

Photo credit: Ben Osmo - ASSG Accredited and Lifetime Member