Who We Are

The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) represents the profession of screen sound in film, television, multimedia and other related audio industries. It was formed in 1988 in response to a desire for more communication between practitioners of the various craft areas of screen sound.

The ASSG aims to recognise and promote original and creative work, encourage high standards and to facilitate research into the techniques and technology of screen sound production. The ASSG also acts as a forum for creative development. Members participate in discussions, forums and seminars on topics relevant to screen sound, and to the TV and film industries as a whole.

The Guild attempts to promote awareness of Australian screen sound generally, co-operating in the exchange and flow of information, technology, culture and education concerning screen sound production within and outside Australia.

Through the annual Australian Screen Sound Awards, the Guild recognises excellence and achievement within the screen sound crafts. The ASSG hopes to develop initiatives that recognise the work and value of its members and further their professional growth, and develop professional relationships with other industry bodies.

ASSG Crafts

The ASSG proudly champion a diverse array of screen sound crafts. In the captivating world of screen-based productions, it takes a village to create the perfect soundtrack. Whether it’s a TV magazine program, a gripping miniseries, a thought-provoking documentary, or a sonically rich feature film – multiple sound crafts come together to weave their magic.

Our mission is to celebrate and support the dedicated professionals behind these vital components of the entertainment industry.

Sound Recording

Audio Supervisor
Production Mixer
Location Sound Recordist
Boom Swinger
Boom Operator
ADR Mixer
Audio Director (Broadcast)
Playback Operator
Effects Recordist
Sound Utility

Sound Editing

Supervising Sound Editor
Audio Director (Interactive)
Sound Designer
Audio Designer
Dialogue Editor
Effects Editor
Sound Editor
Foley Artist
Foley Editor
ADR Editor
Music Editor
Assistant Sound Editor
Assistant Dialogue Editor
Assistant Effects Editor

Sound Mixing

Re-Recording Mixer
Audio Programmer
Scoring Engineer
Scoring Mixer
ADR Engineer
Foley Engineer
Assistant Re-Recording Mixer
Stage Assistant

ASSG Industries

Feature Film

Scripted Television


Live Broadcast

Interactive Media


Reality / Factual Entertainment

Short Films

Online Content

Member Benefits

Our member benefits program is designed to help not only today’s audio professionals, but also future generations of audio creators.


Building The Community

The ASSG works to promote the sound community through networking, exchanging of ideas and building a sense of unity amongst our members.

Fortifying a stronger interactive audio community
Providing a representative voice for members, promoting the common interests of the group to the broader entertainment community and government
Creating networking opportunities for members to facilitate learning from others and the development of new contacts
ASSG Awards

The ASSG provides a platform for the recognition of excellence in sound for screen through the Annual ASSG Awards. The Annual ASSG Awards boasts an extensive list of nomination categories designed to praise outstanding achievement in the varied areas of the sound for screen industry. Nominations are open to non-members while the ASSG membership votes on the final nominees, creating a true peer-based celebration of the industry. The Annual ASSG Awards are publicised through the film, television and online community offering recognition for the amazing work of the screen sound community.

Membership Levels

ASSG provides various levels of membership based on years of experience, and contributions to the industry at large. The organisation acknowledges individual members graduation to new levels promoting professional growth, achievement and betterment of the industry at large.

Affiliate Relations

The ASSG represents the ideals and interests of the sound for screen community in a collective of affiliate organisations dedicated to the betterment of audio industry, as well to union and government funding organisations. We work with these organisations to develop strategies to meet common goals:

SCG (Screen Composers Guild)
ASE (Australian Screen Editors)
AFI (Australian Film Institute)
AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts)

ASSG promotes a strong sense of community by hosting gatherings in major cities providing a vehicle for networking and discussion.

Electronic Newsletters

ASSG publishes a newsletter to update its members regarding happenings in the sound for screen community and industry. Members receive regular updates helping them keep up to date on important goings on.



The ASSG regularly hosts panels, seminars and round tables focusing on issues of importance to the sound for screen community. ASSG members may attend these presentations free of charge. ASSG records and then archives these presentations on www.assg.org.au where members may review.

ASSG Experts

ASSG has access to the best of the best in our industry today to offer guidance to those in need. Members can post questions and concerns on the ASSG Community Message Boards and have the opportunity to receive feedback from experienced professionals who know the insides and outs of the audio industry.


ASSG supports its member’s development by providing resources for business, creative and technical applications. These resources include:

Project Postmortems
Suggested Reading Lists
Directories and Links

Public Relations

The ASSG works to promote the importance of audio in various screen mediums. By putting press releases out on the news wire, participating in interviews and promoting our mission statement to the public, the ASSG is raising the profile of sound for the screen. Greater awareness equates to opportunities for greater success for all audio professionals.


The ASSG grants its member access to a special discounts program offering members only exclusive deals. Discounts provide members savings in the following areas:

Professional Memberships
Photographs on this page are courteous of Trevor Hope, Cooper Sound, Soundfirm.