Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The Lifetime Achievement award winners:

The ASSG Lifetime Achievement Award was named after our 2002 winner Syd Butterworth, a greatly respected sound recordist who died in a car accident that year. Syd was an inspiration to us all.

2021 Chris McKeith

2020 Livia Ruzic

2019 Ben Osmo

2018 Sue Kerr

2017 Les Fiddess

2016 Gethin Creagh

2015 James Currie

2014 Lloyd Carrick

2013 Gary Wilkins and Mark Wasiutak

2012 Roger Savage

2011 Helen Brown

2010 Phil Heywood

2009 Julian Ellingworth

2008 David Hannay

2007 Graham Thirkell

2006 Kim Ryrie

2005 Phil Judd

2004 Ross Linton

2003 Clive Sloss

2002 Syd Butterworth

2001 Barry Fernandes

2000 Don Connolly

1999 Clive Cross

1998 Peter Fenton and Ron Purvis

Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Criteria