MPIBS Donation


The ASSG strongly endorses the Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society (MPIBS) and invites donations to help the Society continue its important work helping our industry colleagues in their times of need.

In the absence of tickets to the ASSG Awards this year, we are hoping both members and non-members attending the Awards can make a $20 donation to the MPIBS – doing so will give you a chance to win a Lucky ‘DAW’ Prize with heaps of giveaways up for grabs!

As with the proceeds from raffles we have held at previous events, all donations collected on behalf of the ASSG go to the MPIBS.

To donate, click ‘Add to cart’ below.

NOTE: You may donate multiple times if you’d like to increase your chances of winning a prize, but we ask that you make a separate payment for each donation. Eg. if you would like to donate $60 for three chances to win, please make three separate donations of $20. This will ensure you are allocated the correct number of chances in the Lucky ‘DAW’ Prize draw.

For more information on the MPIBS, visit the website here

*IMPORTANT NOTE: From today onwards (Thursday), to be sure your donation payment gets to us in time for the draw, please use the PayPal option for all $20 donations.