It’s Sound Check!

with Leah Katz

What’s been your most memorable project?
‘Catch A Fire’ was a stand out. The combination of Andrew Plain and Phillip Noyce was truly awesome. I was a rookie playing among giants (both intellectually and physically!). I finally got to come out from the shadowy assistants corner and get my hands dirty cutting, interacting with the director and creating something special.

If you weren’t in this industry what would you be doing?
I’d like to think I would be travelling the world doing important work with less advantaged people, but it is far more realistic that I would have become an accountant, maybe an accountant with a social conscience…

If you could have worked on any soundtrack in history, what would it have been?
The Princess Bride, I could listen to that dialogue for an eternity and not get sick of it.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
There are three pearls of wisdom that keep me in check.
The first is ‘It’s not brain surgery, no one is going to die if you make a mistake’. This one is really important for my work ethic, I am proud and sometimes it feels like a disaster if something isn’t perfect. I have to remind myself that we are making entertainment, this is fun.
On the other hand I sometimes think the work we do is a tad flippant and doesn’t really help anyone. That’s when I have to remember what my sister (who works in healthcare for developing countries) said, ’Entertainment helps people as much as medicine’. We can feed the audience an escape from their woes; or offer catharsis with a drama they can relate to; or with a documentary we can give recognition, knowledge and support.
The third piece of advice is ‘wipe front to back’, it has more applications than you think