It’s Sound Check!

with Thom Kellar

What’s been your most memorable project?
I’ve had a couple, but the most interesting was probably most recently was Goldstone directed by Ivan Sen. Ivan does most of the roles himself (writing, directing, DOP, composition), so it was fantastic to step into an undiluted vision and expand the world sonically. I also had the opportunity to conduct a 30 piece orchestra for the score, which doesn’t happen every day and was really fun. It was a real thrill to watch it all come together in the mix theatre with the brilliant ears of Sam Hayward. It also demonstrated the agility of the modern workflow, with Ivan having an iMac on the stage running premiere and protools. Adjusting small elements in both the score and picture to sit with the sound was awesome (and luxurious!)

If you weren’t in this industry what would you be doing?
Probably still playing music full time, annoying people with loud passages in brass bands or orchestras. I was a professional brass player before I made the jump to sound… A 9-5 job sounds nice right at the moment, but grass is always greener I guess!

If you could have worked on any soundtrack in history, what would it have been?
I would have liked to make coffee on one of the Godfather movies… Just to watch the process of selecting sounds and what was brought forward in the mix. Within the technological restrictions of the day (no hdx cards with tons of voices then!) I love that every sound is emotive and elevates the storytelling. I think that would be a great process to watch what made it and what ended up on the floor.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
A music teacher of mine used to always say …
“Be nice to people, do a great job & focus your energy looking forward not sideways wondering if you are better or worse than anyone else. If you play music with your own voice, are passionate and work hard then doors will open. (but ironically success is irrelevant because you are enjoying what you do)”
Also my uncle who was a producer in the film industry for many years ..
“Don’t work with Assholes, life is too short.”