Congratulations to DPA Microphones


And the Award goes to….

The Academy’s Board of Governors voted to bestow a Technical Achievement Award to Jens-Jørn Stokholm and Ole Moesmann for the innovative development of miniature and subminiature high-performance DPA lavalier microphones.

One of DPA’s contributions to audio is shrinking our larger mics into miniature versions while keeping the original properties – clarity and accuracy. This has given the sound engineers in the film industry amazing possibilities.
– Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO at DPA Microphones
The Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation, a virtual event, will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021.


Thank you to ASSG Sponsor Amber Technology, and DPA Microphones for Sponsoring our

“Best Sound For Documentary” at our 2020 annual awards.


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