It’s Sound Check!

with Beth Bezzina

Check, check, it’s Beth on the mic, Sydney guild member and currently on the ASSG Committee.

I got into the sound industry through becoming interested in music supervision on television shows and listening to a podcast about this as a teenager. Previously I had always thought I would do science. One terrible chemistry teacher later and my focus shifted completely. I applied for a Media degree at UTS and did as many sound related courses that I could. I knew post-production sound was an area I enjoyed and gradually I became fascinated with it completely. I came to realise that it was what I wanted to spend my days doing.

My most memorable project would have to be The Lego Batman Movie. In terms of the scope of my responsibilities this was a huge step up for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved seeing how the rest of the team created sounds for such intricate creatures, vehicles, fights, etc.

If I wasn’t in this industry I would definitely be working in a field that involves animals, such as in the veterinary field or in a shelter. Alternatively, if they paid people to simply hang out with dogs I would sign up for that gig.

If you could have worked on any soundtrack in history it would actually be a super recent film –  I would love to be able to say I worked on is A Quiet Place. This film really brought the importance of sound to the forefront of the cinematic experience in such an important way. I hope it shows other filmmakers the impact that the craft can have on a project and how vital it is in storytelling.

The best advice I’ve been given is simply get yourself out there. As nerve wracking as I find this, it really works. If you work hard at your craft it will speak for itself, however being personable and generally “known” as a member of the sound industry does wonders for job opportunities.